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Aug 2, 2018

Bodies of water gave life to the small tribes of humans that wandered the land in pre-historic times. When nomadic humans decided to shed their ancient ways for more agrarian lifestyles, water allowed these tribes of people to congregate around plots of fertile land to raise livestock and plant vast fields of crops in order to maintain the ability to stay in one spot for long periods of time. These rivers and lakes were literally the lifeblood of these communities. But for all the good these bodies of water have done, they are still mysterious forces of nature to us, and humans have always held a tenuous relationship with them because, try as we might to dam them, re-route them, or outright stop them in their tracks, water persists, and the inevitability of its victory over our attempts to control them or investigate them is ever-present. Today on Fabled, we’re talking about mysteries that surround the one thing that is probably the most responsible for our success as a species: rivers and lakes.

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