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Aug 14, 2018

In Northern Georgia there is a lake named after the poet Sidney Lanier. It wasn’t always there, but humans usually find novel ways to get water to places where it is needed. Much like any other man-made lake, it has since become a tourist attraction since it was created in 1956. By some estimates, nearly 8,000,000 people come from all around the world every year to enjoy the beauty of this man made marvel. Looking back through history, large congregations of humanity tend to bring mystery and tragedy with them. This lake is no different. Lake Lanier seems to be plagued by all manner of mysterious forces: rogue waves, killings, suicides, missing persons, giant animals, mysterious shadows in the water, abandoned towns deep under the lake, and even the occasional haunting. Sounds like the place to be, huh?

Today we have an interview with a Georgia native named Patrick. He lives close to Lake Lanier and he has provided great insight to the local perspective on these mysteries. Enjoy. And…

Welcome to Fabled.

Patrick has been an amazing supporter of the show and Team Fabled appreciates him coming on to add some much needed insight to this mystery. Follow the links below to see what he is up to, and let him know we sent you.




Thank you for listening and remember, Mysteries Abound.

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